How much healthy is the RO's filter water ??

If I tell you that your RO water purifier can make you sick then you probably will not believe it. You might be thinking that the water you are drinking is healthy for you. But this is not like that your RO water purifier may be depriving you of those minerals which are needed for your health.  

Calcium, Magnesium,Iron, Sulphate found in water, which are essential minerals for human body. a certain amount of these are essential for body but not too much. because too much amount can be
 harmful. The work of water purifier is to reduce the hardness of water or eliminate the impurities from water and balance it's TDS. all minerals are present in the water in required quantity. low TDS in water will be liable for sweet taste. TDS level is reduced to keep the taste of water sweet by technicians. The level of minerals dissipated in the water becomes much less then the filter starts filtering essential minerals from the water.


Must have water purifiers …

Why is fat accumulated in the stomach

Flat belly is a dream of people and they struggle for it. but stomach does not take the name of being low.
People complaint that the body is fine but they have belly fat. Especially men have tendency that, why is fat on their stomach.

Actually hormonal imbalance is responsible for this.
This is a male hormone. due to deficiency of this hormone, more fat is found in inner and external parts of the stomach of men, which appears as belly fat.
 muscles burn calories than fat tissu, lack of muscle encourages people to eat too much.
Fat comes with many diseases  like blood pressure, cancer, cholesterol, diabetes.


It is considered to be the main anabolic hormone of the body which is produced by beta cells.
When there is an imbalance of the hormones, more energy in the body changes into the fat and begins to accumulate in the stomach.
and obviously this increases the stomach. Apart from this there is a possibility of diabetes.


This hormone is caused due to lack …

Vanshlochan : a natural treasure

Have you heard this name??

I heard this name first time and after my researching I found amazing benefits of this name so let me share properties of this natural treasure


It's a powder which is extracted from bamboo woods. and known as bamboo silica powder.
Vanshlochan found in bamboo woods in white form. after cutting the woods the white substance is removed.

That white substance is called vanshlochan.

Benefits :

Potash : helps to strengthen
                 your bones
                 helps to cure blood pressure

Who can eat :

Who has asthama 

Who has night fall disorder

Who has calcium deficiency


There are so many yoga and exercises, we are doing in daily life to keep ourselves healthy and fit. we are looking for new trends in present scenario and LIIT comes in as a ultimate way to get fit. this type of training has been around for some time and it has been able to get some attention.

LIIT it's a low intensity interval training which is just opposite of
HIIT (High intensity interval training) difference between them is how long the workouts are it good for highly energetic people but for beginners LIIT is good


LIIT does not need any equipment. It's a combination of rest plus exercise. you don't need to do breakless exercises. It's a exercise in which you have to take rest for one minute after doing any posture. it does not push you towards high intensity exercises. it is a ultimate way for beginners who don't need to do heavy rock n roll exercises.


Do every exercise for two minutes and then you have to take some rest for one minute. …

6 Mistakes that you are doing

1. Drinking water after eating peanuts It has been a advice from my elders or grand parents that after consuming peanuts you can't have sip of water. It has not been any scientific reason that could prove it right. it has been considered a myth. But according to Aaurveda peanuts have presence of oil in them so when we have combination of peanuts and water together it can induce irritation in the food pipe, you may have throat infection or cough.
2. Drinking water after eating watermelon    watermelon is a refreshing fruit. It contains minerals, vitamin C, fiber, it has amino acid which is good for blood flow. vitamins and minerals keep your skin glowing and prevent from ageing. It constitutes 92% water and hydrates your body. after that you don't need water. but if you are looking to take sip of water after eating watermelon it could be dangerous for you. There is no scientific reason to prove it right but yes watermelon can dilute and affect gastrointestinal system by hamper…

Baldness : Do you really mean that

Baldness or Hair loss is growing steadily as a general problem.  It starts from your head.  at present, More than 95% males are suffering from hair loss problem. And almost 40% sufferers are females.  hair loss not only disgrace your personality but also slows down your confidence.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  CAUSESHEREDITY : That has been passed from parents to chil. If your parents or grand                                 parents have any traits, disorder or disease, will pass by them to you  through genes.

UNHEALTHY FOOD :   could be a reason if you are consuming junk or unhealthy                                                                         food. You will face lack of vitamin B12, vitamin B6,                                       …

How to boost immunity

Three years ago I was diagnosed with viral infection due to week immunity.

That virus damaged not only my body but also my skin.
A strong immune system can fight against virus invaders and infectional disease.

But if you not have then you can face seasonal disease, fatigue even there are so many viruses surrounding of you, can invade in your body.

Here I am recommending you some superfoods to boost your immunity.

Garlic has anti bacterial properties. Take some pieces of garlic with honey mix it well then chew it when you have cold and cough and throat infection.
Rich in vitamin B1,B2,B6 which are beneficial if you have muscular pain.
Enriched with vitamin C that will boost your energy. Anti bacterial properties defense against cancer and asthma.
AMLA (Gooseberry)

A great source of vitamin C which boost your immunity. Full of antioxidants which improves skin quality and slows down ageing process. If you want to have shine hair then you should apply amla juice.
If you have …